Wire Forming

Spring Properties

Aoi Spring uses wire forming machines to bend wires into a variety of shapes.
Compared to springs pressed with a stamping die, wire formed springs offer the following advantages:
1. No upfront investment. (However, there are special cases when costs for jigs and other tools may arise.)
2. You can change designs quickly.
3. Less material loss means wire forming is the best way to cut costs.
Aoi Spring can fulfill your requests with our vast array of wire forming machines.

Hairpin wire forming
Application: Automotive parts

Ultra-small wire forming
Materials: Pure nickel
Thickness: 0.1 × 0.2mm
Applications: Lithium-ion batteries, nickel particles for forced internal short circuit testing

34 bending process antenna
Materials: C5210W-H
Wire diameter: Φ0.8mm
Application: Signal receiver parts

Wire forming with small D/d Index
Materials: SUS304-WPB
Wire diameter: Φ3.0mm
Application: Bottle cap stopper

Complex wire forming (horizontal length: 200mm)
Materials: SWM-B
Wire diameter: Φ3.2mm
Application: Agricultural machine parts

Complex wire forming (80mm × 150mm)
Materials: SUS304-W2
Wire diameter: Φ3.0mm
Application: Air conditioning outdoor unit parts

Notable Achievements

Compatible Diameters

φ 0.2 mm – φ 7.0 mm

Materials Track Record

SUS304W2 SUS316 (chemical-resistant) SUS631 (precipitation hardening)
plated wire Hastelloy (chemical-resistant) plated wire titanium
Hastelloy (chemical-resistant) Inconel (for heat resistance) SW-B
SWRM-B zinc nickel
pure nickel 7TN phosphor bronze
beryllium copper oxygen-free copper brass
aluminum titanium


surface treatment jig components

Light electric appliances
current-carrying components

electric pump components

What Makes Aoi Spring Special

* With 24 state-of-the-art NC spring forming machines, Aoi Spring can handle highly challenging projects while meeting tight delivery deadlines.
* In some cases, we have even delivered a finished piece to a customer the day after receiving a drawing or sample.
* Since we can also fabricate with special materials, Aoi Spring can handle material qualities suited to the environment intended for use. We look forward to hearing from you.