Privacy Policy

Personal Information Provided by the Customer

In order to provide customers with better services, a customer may provide personal information such as the customer’s name, mailing address, telephone number, and email address on some pages, such as those for inquiries or requesting materials.

Provision to Third Parties and Secondary Use

The purpose for using the customer’s personal information is listed on each page of this website where the customer registers said personal information. Aoi Spring shall not use the personal information registered on these pages for any purpose other than that stated on said pages.

Control of Personal Information

Depending on the type of service desired by the customer on this website, Aoi Spring may notify a third party of the customer’s personal information to the extent necessary. In this case, the customer shall be informed of and understand that information shall be provided to third parties whenever the customer requests to use one of the aforementioned services. (For example, if a customer enters personal information when requesting materials, the information may be provided to a market research company for the purpose of conducting research for Aoi Spring, or the customer’s mailing address, name, and so forth may be provided to a parcel service/logistics company in order to ship the materials.) In cases other than the above, Aoi Spring shall not disclose the customer’s personal information to a third party without the customer’s prior consent. However, we may disclose customer’s information without first obtaining the customer’s approval if: there is an urgent need to protect human lives or human rights; Aoi Spring does so to cooperate with a legally valid request from a judicial body, the police or other public institution; or if doing so is required to comply with other laws or regulations.

Aoi Spring strictly controls data to prevent the loss or destruction of customer personal information provided by the customer when using this website. In addition, customer personal information is stored in an environment only accessible by Aoi Spring’s administrator for this website, and is strictly secured to prevent leaks to third parties and external alteration. In the event that Aoi Spring outsources tasks relating to the administration of this website, or relating to the use, control, or otherwise of customer information, Aoi Spring shall carefully oversee and manage the contractor’s handling of personal information.

This website may contain links to other websites; visitors to this site are responsible for checking for themselves how such linked websites handle personal information. Responsibility lies with the customer when using this website. Aoi Spring shall bear no liability whatsoever for any damage that may arise from the use of various information obtained by utilizing the customer’s personal information from this website or from another website to which this website links. Aoi Spring may reviews and amends the above policy as appropriate, and all amendments are announced on this page.