Compression Springs (Coiled Springs)

Spring Properties

These springs, which are generally called coiled springs, flex according to the compressive load.
They come in several shapes depending on their use: conical, barrel-shaped with a bulge in the middle, uneven pitch, long coils (up to 500 meters at Aoi Spring), and so on.

Compression coiled spring with hook
Materials: SWP-B
Wire diameter: Φ2.3mm
Application: Automotive parts

Compression coiled spring with terminal
Materials: SWIC-F
Wire diameter: Φ0.55mm
Application: Home appliances

Elliptical compression coiled spring
Materials: SWP-B
Wire diameter: Φ0.7mm
Application: Motorcycle parts

Ultra-small variable-pitch compression coiled spring
Materials: Elemetal
Wire diameter: Φ0.12mm
Application: Electronic parts

Compression coiled spring with tab
Materials: SUS304-WPB
Wire diameter: Φ2.5mm
Application: Pump parts

Notable Achievements

Track Record by Wire Diameter

φ 0.1 – φ 22.0

Materials Track Record

SUS304-WPB SUS304-WPA SUS316 (chemical-resistant)
SUS631 (precipitation hardening) Monel (chemical-resistant) Tantalum (chemical-resistant)
Monel (chemical-resistant) Hastelloy (chemical-resistant) Inconel (for heat resistance)
SWP-B SWP-V oil-tempered wire
zinc-plated wire nickel plated wire phosphor bronze
beryllium copper silver solder


side mirror mechanical components

White goods
switch components

electric pump components

What Makes Aoi Spring Special

* We produce designs tailored to what the customer wants to do with the spring.
* Since we can also fabricate with special materials, Aoi Spring can handle material qualities suited to the environment where your spring will be used.
* Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, we can make springs that normally require an hour to churn out 2,000 units at an accelerated rate of 6,000 springs per hour.